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Presentation Skills Training

The Presentation Lab offers a range of services to individuals, businesses and organisations based on the core principles of combining passion and purpose in order to develop both the organisation and the individual within the organisation.

The Presentation Lab sees its mission as simply to add value - both to you and your business.

Speaker on stageWe offer a full business and personal development programme, although (by far) the majority of  our efforts are devoted to improving business presentation. We achieve this through a combination of Public Relations and showing you how to present your business. Alternatively we can present or pitch on your behalf.

If needed, we will deliver business and sales presentations either on your behalf or involve ourselves directly as members of your presentation team.

We believe that the ability of an individual and the business to communicate efficiently, coherently and passionately is the root skill which drives an organisation forward.

We work with clients as diverse as political parties and broadcasting companies to  major oil producers, building contractors and sole traders.

Hereís how we achieve some of what we do:

One-on-One Coaching

The Presentation Lab works with entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals who really want to make a MAJOR shift in their lives or who need to drive their business forward.  The One-on-One Coaching programme focuses on both personal and business beliefs plus the ability to communicate ideas and business concepts effectively. Whether you or your team need to make a presentation to the Board or whether it is a "big-ticket" performance to 2,000 sales people, we will give you the personal and professional presentation tools. We will show you how to structure and deliver an irresistible "pitch" to your clients.


Team Coaching

The Presentation Lab works with teams to help them reach their shared goals.  The Presentation Lab does not pretend to be a trouble-shooter with every answer.  Nor do we sit back playing the role of a lazy "facilitator".  We offer specific practical advice and assistance to those who are trying to improve organisational and their own performance.


Direct presentation

There have been many occasions where a client has given us a very simple brief - "We would like to acquire Company X as a client". If we consider it viable, we will launch a campaign and put you and your service or product in front of your new client. We havenít had a single failure!

Public Relations

We have strong contacts within the media industry (both clients and personal) and if you need to "drip-feed" either yourself or your business to the media in order to increase your name awareness, we will undertake the project on your behalf.

How do you begin the process of working with The Presentation Lab?

Microphone on stage

It's simple.

Please contact the Presentation Lab via email and we will work with you to help you place you and your business in the best possible environment for  personal, professional  and business growth.

Visit our development topics pages to see the full range of what we can offer.